Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Megaman... Hes' Blue... And Cyan!

What can I even say? Megaman is by far one of the best video games out there. They're AWESOME! The ability to upgrade and change your gun to whatever weapon you want(while finding the boss's opposing weakness) is just amazing. Even the first few of the series are good, Megaman 2 has the same weapon system as Megaman X3, while X3 has many new features(the ability to dash and wall jump).

Megaman has gotten especially popular, even on the internet, where people have made their own videos to show how much they like Megaman.

But... What exactly makes Megaman so much fun? Is it the mindless killing of robots, and collecting extra lives, like in the Contra series(Although they use aliens, of course)? Or... Could it just be the awesomeness you feel when you see a boss explode, or is it the challenge of the game?

As I said before, the first few Megaman games for the NES are in my opinion, the hardest. You have little to protect you from the flurry of bullets, and the fray of shit flying across the screen... You're screwed if jumping isn't enough to save your ass.

But this isn't what Megaman is all about.. No... Megaman is all about the X series, where you get to deck out Megaman in armor that was created by Dr. Light to help Megaman kick some ass... But where is Wily in all of this.. It's a mystery.

Not only does the game get more fun in the X series, as you have more controls to work with, but it's because the bosses are also much more challenging(usually)... And if you don't have the right weapon, it really can require a lot of maneuvering and patience, and lots of skill to kill the boss you're going for.

Decking yourself out by killing the bosses isn't the only way to get stronger in the game... In the X series there is also a series of armor you can find, in capsules that look like specimen life support chambers?... Anyway.. Each piece of armor provides a different function... For example, the Armor will allow you to take less damage overall. You can also find E tanks(Energy tanks, which hold extra health to heal you later in the game for boss fights), as well as Heart Containers, which will add a little bit of extra health(It really adds up) to help you in the game. THERE ARE TONS OF SECRETS!

Throughout the game, you'll find that there is also tons of other stuff for you to do, and each level has its own awesomeness that makes it Megaman. There are water levels, where if you jump too high you'll fly into spikes and get your ass handed to you, and there are levels where you can ride high tech motor bikes, and jump gully's. Megaman levels are so diverse that you can play them over and over, and still have fun doing it.

If you're looking for something to do, and you can't figure out quite what it is.. You probably want to play Megaman. So what are you waiting for? Play them all, and when you beat them.. Play them again! Have fun and enjoy playing Megaman, because it's one of the most kick-ass games you'll ever play.

I'm going to give the entire Megaman series a rating of 9/10, because it's just that awesome. You really should try it, and if it gets too hard and you rage quit, just come back to it later. It's all about memorization and skill! Maybe later I will give the Megaman Legends series a review, but for now, let's leave those out... Because that's not really the kind of Megaman I'm talking about today. PEACE!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Coming soon: Classic/Modern Video Game Reviews

Video games have been a part of your life growing up, you always waited for Christmas, or whatever to see what you're gonna get. Some people still remember being excited when they got their NES, I however, can only remember as far back as my game boy color/playstation 1 era(I beat FF7 when I was 6 by the way, and it's a great game, but get's too much recognition). Growing up with my brother, who is 27 now, he owned a lot of the older systems, so that's what I grew up with. I myself(being 18), otherwise probably would never have played these. I am nostalgic. I like the older ones better than the new, and that goes for just about everything. I read only really older books(I hate reading) ... I watch only older movies, and I really don't even watch TV anymore. In fact... there was a time when I thought I wouldn't even be playing video games anymore, because of college and things like that. However, I am going to keep playing games, and I will do reviews on some of the games I can remember to be my favorite... They're gonna just be general reviews, and not full on game reviews, or videos or anything like that(We've got AVGN for that), and they are not going to be full walkthroughs, because as great as these games are, I've played them hundreds of times over.... For example: Earthbound is one of my favorite games, but I don't even think I could stand to play it right now, as amazing as it is.

But let's get started by seeing a little bit of Final Fantasy here... If you havn't played FFXIV I reccomend you try it, or get someone to let you use the 30 day friend code, as it's actually pretty damn amazing. The first thing I've got here is a picture of FF5, which was one of my favorites. Being able to change your job in the middle of the game allowed for so much customization of your party. You built it how you wanted it, and then you dominated all those enemy bosses. It was amazing, and they knew it, that's why they're bringing back this system in FFXIV(Although FFXI had a similar one already, with its mog house job change system).... but it's not the same as being able to do it on the field.

Now here what you see, is a lot more unfamiliar... It's totally a new frontier for gamers, and people that are used to the older style of gaming, or even if you are an avid MMO player (WoW fans get out, the game sucks, and we all know that the only reason people even buy blizzard games anymore is because they've built so much of an establishment off that piece of garbage... SC2 didn't get the respect it deserved, and I doubt D3 will). FFXIV allows for complete customization(well.. I mean the hair anyway, because that's the most important part, duh....nah there are other things XD), such as changing the scars on your body, and the height, and voice of your character(this is something I've never seen before).

From Final fantasy 5 to Final fantasy 14(Okay, so I skipped a few, kill me... we all know the ones before that are pretty awesome too, it's just that 5 has a lot of similarities in the job system to 14). It's like a walk through time. If only you could see yourself as that little annoying brat you once were and imagine what you'd be like playing FFXIV back then. You'd have been blown away, not because of the game play, but because of the graphics... I mean god damn..

Here let's just take a look at one graphical difference here, just for fun(remember trying every single piano in the FF games to see if they'd play music, or checking every barrel, or every single wall and passageway to make sure you missed NOTHING!?, because I do.

Remember the pubs in the old FF games...!? Yeah, well I don't know. I mean the graphic progression over the years is amazing... and now people expect games to have super awesome graphics(which usually makes the game lack length, skill, or gameplay!!!!).

All in all FF14 is a pretty awesome game, I've been playing it for a few days, and it's definitely gotten my attention, and I'll keep playing it. Maybe some day I'll write a full review for it, and let you know exactly what I like and what could be better(Where's the damn auction house?). FF9 is still my favorite single player FF, and I think FFXI had some great features that FFXIV will need.

Overall, I'm going giving FFXIV for the PC  8 Chocobos out of 10. KWEH!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

FFXIV Database listing!

Guys! FFXIV Is a great game, and I've composed a list of some nice databases you can use to help you play the game! I'll be writing a review for this game on here shortly! =)


Yellow Gremlin - Overall the best database I have found by far(Has pretty much everything)
Eorzeapedia - Great database for crafting/looking stuff up (Abilities are also listed here)
The Lodestone - Helpful to look up player info, and server information/maintenance
DoW and DoM Abilities
DoL and DoH Abilities


Yellow Gremlin:




The Clocktower

Hello all! The Orange Clocktower, or "The Clocktower" is a gaming blog where I'll post my gaming experiences and feedback about games that I enjoy playing.

First of all I will post my League of legends teamspeak here along with how to join it.

The Clocktower

--------------------------.,;:'- Introduction -':;,.----------------------------------

===== Level 30 is now a requirement. This is to cut down on users that were in the level 1-29 range and wanted to play. Nothing against you guys, but we're trying to take it to the next level of competition with a community that can both win and have fun =====

The Clocktower is a Teamspeak 3 server(Personally we find teamspeak 3 much easier and higher quality than ventrilo) available for everyone to use. We are not a clan yet, and are unsure if we want to advance into one.

-----------------------.,;:'- How to enter -':;,.---------------------------------

To enter the Clocktower doors you will need Teamspeak 3.

It can be obtained at: http://www.teamspeak.org and you can download your appropriate client.

A microphone is highly recommended, but is NOT required to play in The Clocktower(This doesn't mean that a lot of people wont want to play with you because you don't have one, so you SHOULD have one).

Connection info: Clocktower.servequake.com port 9987

Be sure to enter the lobby channel(Or check if a game is almost done)

*** Make sure to click the green eye at the top of the client so you can see into every channel. ***

--------------------.,;:'- Features of The Clocktower -':;,.--------------------------

  • - Level 30 is now a requirement
  • - Ranking system for many parts of LoL (Awards given out based on kills,wins,kill streaks etc).
  • - Server almost ALWAYS up.
  • - NA Server
  • - Great moderating team, keeps things under control.. but knows how to have fun.
  • - Plenty of game rooms to join
  • - Fun and entertaining community!

----------------------------.,;:'- Moderation -':;,.------------------------------------

We will not take kindly to the following actions:

- Whining
- Excessive flaming
- AFK for good portion of a game, without a reason(We understand that sometimes it cannot be helped)
- Just use common sense, you'll be fine.

--------------------------.,;:'- Summary -':;,.-------------------------------

Have fun guys, we are always looking for new people to come play with us!... We know you're tired of getting randoms in games that don't know how to communicate correctly, or are just tired of typing out every command to your allies. So come check us out, we're looking to build up a nice sized community of players who like to have fun and play with friends.

Hope to see you come visit the Clocktower soon =)