Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Clocktower

Hello all! The Orange Clocktower, or "The Clocktower" is a gaming blog where I'll post my gaming experiences and feedback about games that I enjoy playing.

First of all I will post my League of legends teamspeak here along with how to join it.

The Clocktower

--------------------------.,;:'- Introduction -':;,.----------------------------------

===== Level 30 is now a requirement. This is to cut down on users that were in the level 1-29 range and wanted to play. Nothing against you guys, but we're trying to take it to the next level of competition with a community that can both win and have fun =====

The Clocktower is a Teamspeak 3 server(Personally we find teamspeak 3 much easier and higher quality than ventrilo) available for everyone to use. We are not a clan yet, and are unsure if we want to advance into one.

-----------------------.,;:'- How to enter -':;,.---------------------------------

To enter the Clocktower doors you will need Teamspeak 3.

It can be obtained at: and you can download your appropriate client.

A microphone is highly recommended, but is NOT required to play in The Clocktower(This doesn't mean that a lot of people wont want to play with you because you don't have one, so you SHOULD have one).

Connection info: port 9987

Be sure to enter the lobby channel(Or check if a game is almost done)

*** Make sure to click the green eye at the top of the client so you can see into every channel. ***

--------------------.,;:'- Features of The Clocktower -':;,.--------------------------

  • - Level 30 is now a requirement
  • - Ranking system for many parts of LoL (Awards given out based on kills,wins,kill streaks etc).
  • - Server almost ALWAYS up.
  • - NA Server
  • - Great moderating team, keeps things under control.. but knows how to have fun.
  • - Plenty of game rooms to join
  • - Fun and entertaining community!

----------------------------.,;:'- Moderation -':;,.------------------------------------

We will not take kindly to the following actions:

- Whining
- Excessive flaming
- AFK for good portion of a game, without a reason(We understand that sometimes it cannot be helped)
- Just use common sense, you'll be fine.

--------------------------.,;:'- Summary -':;,.-------------------------------

Have fun guys, we are always looking for new people to come play with us!... We know you're tired of getting randoms in games that don't know how to communicate correctly, or are just tired of typing out every command to your allies. So come check us out, we're looking to build up a nice sized community of players who like to have fun and play with friends.

Hope to see you come visit the Clocktower soon =)

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